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Selling memorabilia makes someone a thug?

Posted on: August 26, 2011 1:22 am
After reading through articles about the NFL, college football, and other sports, I have found that the commenters on the articles make some sensationalist claims. To call college kids, namely Terrelle Pryor, a thug just because he sold some jerseys and got a deal on tattoo's is arrogant and childish. When the NCAA reports 18 year old kids are taking money for some jerseys, helmets, or things like that, people get all up in arms and demand the death penalty for the players and the schools they attended. Listen here sports fans because I won't be the last to say this, nor am I the first. Accepting money for selling a jersey to help finance a social life, has no effect on the outcome of any game, stats or records and thus are NOT A BIG DEAL. Why should I care if Reggie Bush accepted some money to go to USC? So what? What is the difference between that and USC offering $20,000 more in scholarship funds than say LSU offered him? There is none! It had no effect on his play on the field, and he should NEVER have been stripped of his Heisman Trophy. In the same breath, Terrell Pryor should not be crucified for accepting money for memorabilia not should the Raiders be bashed for signing him to a four year deal worth next to nothing in NFL standards. Yes there is a rookie cap now, but after JaMarcus Russell, do you think the Raiders would have signed Pryor to a multi million dollar  year deal? I could have seen 4 years, $1.5 million a year loaded with incentives, but nothing more. I think those who bash and critique KIDS for selling jerseys for money are jealous they don't have the opportunity to do it themselves. Would I have sold a jersey for $200? Would you have sold a helmet for $150? The answer is yes because in actuality, it has no outcome on the game itself whatsoever and is done on eBay constantly. Now if Bush or Pryor had used HGH or Steroids, then there is a problem. However, until a report comes out like that, I will continue to scoff at reports over accepting money. I mean really, these kids get scholarships towards school and make NO MONEY at all from football or other sports. Let them sell a jersey here or there to make a couple hundred bucks. What if it's going into a savings account because they know they won't be in the NFL? Hell making the most of your situation I'd say. 
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